Professional web developers for less. Dedicated - $45/hr. On-demand - $60/hr.
Expert level programmers in Russia with lead developers in the U.S.

Smart Local + Offshore Hybrid

ProGeeks, LLC is a U.S. company. Your lead developer and primary point of contact is in the U.S. as well and available during regular 8AM-5PM CST business hours. He will have several expert level developers under his supervision in our office located in Russia, but functioning on US standards.

Since part of the work will be done here and another part on the other side of the planet, we provide faster development. We literally work around the clock.

Lean muscle for your company

Our team of developers is small. Less than 20 people. We don't have investors, board, managers, agents or sales reps to bump up our prices. You can hire us for your project on-demand or extend your company on dedicated basis. Same as you would hire local people - just cheaper.

Cheaper doesn't mean cheap. We don't have junior or even mid-level programmers and don't do cheap projects. Our guys are rare gems - best we could find in a 1.5 million population city of Ufa, Russia. Our specialty is complex stuff. We do it quickly and right.

Our Works

We are sorry, but all of our previous code is under NDA (we will sign one with you as well). All we could say is that since 2014 our team successfully providing development backend for - a Texas based agency developing and supporting hundreds of highly visible sites for world class brands and entertainers like: Jimmy Buffett, Luke Bryan, AeroSmith, ACDC, Celine Dion and others

What we do

Here is the list of our specialties and technologies we are working with

Backend Web Development

We use PHP based Yii2 framework extended with our own modules. It's like a set of compatible bricks to build custom projects of any level of complexity efficiently.

Frontend Web Development

We use Bootstrap to build responsive interfaces that work well on desktop and mobile devices. We use Javascript, jQuery and AngularJS to make those interfaces slick.

Web Security

We can protect your existing project from hacks and the code we write is hacker proof. The servers and projects we setup passing PCI, HIPPA and other compliance standards.

Cloud Infrastructure

We can setup and manage complex and failproof server infrastructure systems using Amazon Web Services cloud. We are Linux people and don't do Windows stuff.

Task and Time Management

We use Google Drive for collaboration and TeamWork Projects for transparent task and time management. You will see what is going on in real time.


We are geeks. In house we build nice UX, functional UI and program cool stuff. But for advanced photoshop we cooperate with several talented freelance designers.


Dedicated option

Tell us what type of developers you need or tell us about your project, so we suggest you the right people. You will pay them monthly and they will be available just for your projects full time. Our lead developer will help you to manage these people and tasks for them. You pay only actual development hours. All vacations, sick days or administrative time is not your problem. Your people will enter timecards daily into our task management platform or the task manager of your choice.

On-demand option

Tell us about your project. Lead developer will reply within 24 hours to discuss details. Once all is clear we will get you wireframes for interfaces and comprehensive list of features and modules under the hood together with our suggestions and Good Faith Estimate on hours for development. Together we will adjust and sign a Scope of Work, you will pay 25% upfront and we will start development.

Every week lead developer will report what has been done, you will review and provide feedback, so we can adjust and conform to agile development process. Every month you will be receiving invoices from us until another 50% is paid. Once work is done you will make a final review and if all is good pay the rest 25%, so we release the project and push it to production. Then we would be happy to move to next phase or sign an ongoing maintenance agreement with you.